We were talking about the components to a 24/7 Selling Machine when I ended last time (with the Shock & Awe Package and Boat Buyer’s Guide).
Today, I have a lot of valuable info to cover, so let’s jump right in.

Here are the major components of a 24/7 Selling Machine:

  1. Shock & Awe Package
  2. Boat Buyer’s Guide
  3. Auto-responder system
  4. Direct mail
  5. Enewsletters
  6. Boat preview emails
  7. Social proof

Let’s start with the Auto-Responder System. Like most of the strategies I teach my coaching members, it’s the little details of how your prospects act in reality that make them so powerful. Once you understand those psychological triggers, these concepts are so simple you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it yourself.

Auto-responders are a series of emails that are set up once and automatically go out to your prospects based on a series of triggers. The easiest to get started with is a day-from-entry trigger. So, you put a lead in your 24/7 Selling Machine on day 1 and messages go out on day 2, day 7, day 14, day 21, day 34 and so on.

The key to these messages is to make them appear very personal. Make them relevant and add value to the recipient. No one wants a series of sales email but most of our prospects appreciate friendly and informative emails.

This approach ensures all of your prospects receive a base level of contact over at least a year’s time with zero effort from the sales person. Now, that’s a big time saver.

Next, we add direct mail into the system.

For me, the easiest and cheapest direct mail is a postcard system. A series of three to six (even 12) to your best and highest value prospects. These postcards should have true value in the sales process and not be sales or discount messages. One of the best approaches is to use a social proof approach with these postcards to let others sell for you.

Consistent communication with newsletter and boat preview emails

Did you know that prospects give you a higher perceived value when you communicate with them in a consistent manner over time? It’s another psychological trigger that helps you convert more prospects over time.

So, if you are not doing a monthly newsletter to your entire database, you are losing sales each month.

Another great technique is to send what I call a boat preview newsletter monthly or bi-monthly as well. These boat preview newsletters are discussed in more detail in a free training I provide at (see June 10 post).

Do these newsletters on the same day, same time with a similar look and feel month after month, year after year and you will pick up sales from prospects you didn’t even know were actively looking to buy.

We’ve talked about the use of testimonials throughout this series of articles. In the final instalment of this series, I’ll share why Social Proof could be the missing link to a more successful 2015.

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Matt Sellhorst is the author of “Marine Marketing Strategies” and Head Profits Coach at Boat Dealer Profits. He helps honest and ethical dealers and brokers implement powerful sales and marketing strategies that create more higher-margin boat sales and ultimately more profits for their dealerships, employees and families so they can enjoy the boat business and have a life.

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