"Discover How YOU Can Sell More Boats, Make More Money, And Have More Fun by Installing a PROVEN Selling System For Family Owned Boat Dealers in Just 90 Days (Or Less!)


(Why would I show you this secret system... much less, hand it to you for your boat business? Stay with me and keep reading to find out.)


Dear Motivated Boat Dealer,

I’ll bet you’re exhausted from working your tail off, especially in today's market!

Chasing "ups", trying to sell a few boats, and grinding away at it day-in and day-out. (Say, when's the last time you had a chance to REALLY just kick back and relax on YOUR boat?)

Is it (finally) time for you get serious, take charge, and maximize your profits from your boat business… without working more hours?

I, like you, recognize that many boat dealers and brokers - especially among my most successful clients - have been in the industry for 10, 20, even 30+ years.

In some cases, they're in the third or fourth generation of a family business (this may be you as well).

That means

Matt Sellhorst
The SPLASH System™

You’ve done it all, seen it all, and now find yourself beginning to rethink your business - and your whole life!

Got enough dough put away to retire?

Few do.

In fact, most in the business have almost everything tied up in their dealership with few outside investments – and that’s IF you’re lucky enough to even have significant investments left after the past decade.

Not ready to sell your dealership (or pass it on to the next generation)?

Have you looked at the numbers on selling a boat dealership today?

Not much to get excited about.

(Well, hopefully you own the land your dealership sits on.)

What are your choices?

Keep working 50, 60+ hours a week until you drop? But, what kind of life is that?

Hire a general manager or another sales person? But, then you have even more overhead and headaches that go along with them.

And, what about those ghosts lurking in your heart after some very difficult years in this industry?

Getting beat up and burned out.

Over-worked, underappreciated, unfulfilled, and downright frustrated that you’ve been working your tail off for years and still not ‘rich’.

Does that sound like a page from your diary?

Cash flow from your dealership must cover all your life-draining costs (through the entire year, not just during the busy times).

Leaving nothing for you, your retirement funds, your family, amazing vacations, or trips is pretty much the same as wasting time and money, when you really think about it.

I'm here to help.

Think an extra MILLION+ would ease the pain you’re now feeling?

Think what just an extra $50,000 - $100,000 a year could do for your financial woes and retirement worries!

I assume you are aware that you could be - maybe even should be - doing better than you currently are in your boat business.

The key to this success?

Install a proven sales and marketing system in your boat business.

A system that will

Save you time, sell more boats, and increase your margins without wasting money on sales and marketing schemes that flat-out don’t work!

The benefits of having a proven sales and marketing system in your boat business are:

  • More qualified prospects for you and your sales staff
  • Higher margins ($500 to $2,500+ higher) in most cases
  • The additional value in your business when you do go to sell it (when you’re finally ready to walk out)
  • Or, the confidence to completely pass your business along to the next generation, knowing there are systems in place so they can enjoy this business without all the stress and hours you experienced (and missed time with the family)
  • Not to mention the time savings from having a true system in place instead of running around like a chicken with your head cut off

Fact is,

Our Prospect's Buying Habits Have Changed... Especially After the Pandemic

For better or worse, our boat buyers have changed. The internet has made them hyper-informed...

...creating almost a monster of sorts.

And, with smart phones, they access all the information online… even while sitting at your best salesperson’s desk as they try to put together a profitable sale!

They've been taught NOT to trust...

Not only are they hyper-informed, they’ve been taught not to trust anyone. Especially your sales people and marketing messages.

They’ve been taught by the government over and over (don’t even get me started on handling of COVID). scandal after scandal.  It's frankly embarrassing!

They’ve been taught by business, not to trust.

(ENRON, the BP Oil Spill, and Bernie Madoff, just to name a few.)

The sports world has taught us not to trust ANYONE. It started with Mark McGuire, and has continued to the present day with scandals in every major-league sport.

Even Lance Armstrong has ruined the public’s overall trust. Small wonder, then, that over and over, our clients turn out to be skeptical.

So, what kind of impact do your sales and marketing messages have?

Based on countless interactions with today’s boat buyers, they have very little.

The Post-Pandemic Slow-Down is causing our prospects to be more cautious with their money – and things don't look like they will be changing soon!

Ever heard the expression “Once bitten, twice shy”?

People are tighter with their money than at almost any other time in history. They want to ensure they are making the right decision with their hard-earned money.

That’s just as true for the guy buying a $10,000 used boat, as it is for the guy considering a $750,000 sport yacht.

This caution has your prospective boat buyers taking longer to decide, as they gather tons of information before they decide... gathering information online and offline (in your showroom, boat shows, website, etc.)

Oftentimes, all this information gathering leads to overwhelm.

That overwhelm, in turn, leads to in-action and next thing you know, you prospect AVOIDS a buying decision altogether. (Another sale lost!)

Election is right around the corner...

And, we all know that election years tend to be uncertain in the best of times.

One thing is certain, doing things the old way just aren't going to cut it anymore!

They make the decision, NOT to make a decision.

And, they are so busy, it’s nearly impossible to have any meaningful conversations or get them on the phone… let alone back into the dealership to make a traditional sales presentation:

  • The kids play soccer or baseball 6 days a week, 360 days a year
  • The parents are working more hours than ever before, often traveling for business practically every week. (Consistent travel was a common trait for my best clients when I worked for boat dealerships myself)

Skeptical? Stay with me one moment as I prove to you that your prospect’s buying process has changed.

In 1996 (just 27 years ago), there were few cell phones, no smart phones; the internet was in its infancy, right?

So, if someone thought, “hey I want to buy a boat”, what did they do?

  • Walk into a dealership
  • Attend a boat show
  • Pick up a Boat Trader magazine

(Remember those Trader magazines, one picture and a 50-word description? Everyone would leave off the HP so they had to call, right?)

Back then, the prospective buyer had to get face to face (or on the phone) with a sales person to gather even the most basic information.

Now, today, what happens?

They go online and research boats around the world.

Chat rooms, boat trader, boat test.com.

They EXPECT videos.

They can find almost anything they want (including 10 other people who will sell them a similar boat)...

Finally, when - - THEY - - ARE - - READY - - when, they are ready, they talk with a sales person.

And, sometimes, they are more informed than the salesperson.

(Hey, I'm not proud to say – but it happened to me on some models we only sold a few of. And I was a top-producing salesperson for a 6-location dealership for 5 years!)

Then, when they are finally face to face, what's happening???

A family walks into your showroom and talks with your top sales person...

Dad is checking his smartphone looking at Boat Trader or the manufacturer website, only half-listening...

Kids are running around in their soccer cleats, jumping from boat to boat...

Mom's on her phone texting her girlfriends about the kids’ next soccer game...

They brought the dog, who's barking at his reflection in the window...

Everyone is so distracted and full of information... some accurate, some not...

Amidst all the craziness, your sales person is trying to do what I call a $1,000 presentation... but it's nearly impossible!

I was on-site at a client’s dealership and watched as the prospect was searching other boats on his phone while at the salesperson’s desk, negotiating a deal.

His credit card was out of his wallet, and YET he was still searching boats on his smart phone!!!

Fact is, it keeps getting harder and harder for YOUR sales people to make profitable sales...



...and that's why You Need a proven sales system to save time, convert more prospects, and increase your margins!

In today’s skeptical, cautious, hectic, and overloaded world, you must utilize the right tools in your sales system that save time, convert more prospects, and increase your margins.

But, most dealers are selling the exact same way they did when their dealership opened decades ago.

Sales keep getting harder and harder to make… while margins keep falling (one more reason our industry is shrinking).

So, here’s what I’ve done to help the right dealers…

I’ve created The New SPLASH System™ Online Intensive Program for an exclusive group of serious dealers who understand that the ‘old way’ of doing things just isn’t going to cut it.

Let me tell you a little about The New SPLASH System™ Online Intensive Program:

During this 90-day online intensive, you are going to download and install a custom selling system based off my proven formula and tools.

You can avoid the big mistakes… because I’ve already made them and can guide you through the mine-field. And, because I have a proven system, you can clone many components and customize others based on your specific needs - in a very condensed period of time.

The best part? You can do it 100% from the comfort of your home, office, or home office.  (or, I can come to your dealership.  But more about that when we speak)

You can get your whole team to help (in fact, a lot of what we provide in this system transforms every employee you have into a revenue-generating profit center for your business!

No struggling to do it all yourself.

No travel expenses.

No time away from your business - so you can keep selling boats while you master and implement the The New SPLASH System™ Online Intensive Program!

What Do I All Get with The New SPLASH System™ Online Intensive Program?

I’ve turned all my sales tools, systems and reports into adjustable templates that can be customized and installed in your boat business in just 90 days or less, according to your own timetable for success.

Here’s how it works:


1) You log into a secure online portal.

That's right.

Log in anytime and work at your own pace. Have your team members log in with you to watch the videos, listen to the audios, complete the exercises, and make this system an integral part of how you manage, market, and grow your business.

No days away from the important work of managing your boat dealership or brokerage and the "ups" you're attracting right now.

(Actually, you will become steadily better at converting your existing "ups" to buyers at higher margins, just by incrementally implementing what I share with you as we go along.)


2) We start from the very beginning, so it makes logical sense for you.

Before you dive into the SPLASH System™ modules, there is an introductory audio that outlines the entire system. This lets you chart your course even before you set sail.

Among the things you will do (so it's at your fingertips as you work your way through):

Gather all your sales and marketing material (and your competition).

Pull past client lists.

Gather information from your sales staff, parts, service, and accessory people - and get them involved from the start with The New SPLASH System™ Online Intensive Program.

Plus, you will be requested to listen to an 11-hour Fast Track audio program (others have invested $7,900 for this program - you get it at no additional cost). This will ensure you are familiar with the strategies and concepts we will be focusing on throughout the program.

All of this prep work helps ensure you get maximum results.


3) Step-By-Step, You Clone, Create & Customize To Meet YOUR Needs.

So, what will we all be giving you?

Well, let me walk through a rough outline of the system (bearing in mind, you can customize a significant portion of this to meet your unique needs, which you will discover as you implement the strategies and measure the results).

Because this program covers so many areas, some areas of focus and specifics may mean more to you than others, even though you should be doing all of them and I DO recommend you do them in order, if possible.

Part 1: The Basics of Customer Contact

If you, like me, carefully measure the ROI of every investment you make, it's important to begin seeing results right away.

For that reason, I've designed Part 1 in such a way that you are mostly using what you already have, involving the "ups", prospects, and customers you already have, and just doing things better.

We'll start out with the following modules:

  • A Look Into The Future - letting you see the destination of the course you are charting so you can envision the journey now
  • Mining For GOLD! - two "quick hitter" strategies designed to get you QUICK WINS (as I said, we're talking FAST return on investment)
  • Presenting Pricing - let's start reducing price sensitivity and price resistance now
  • Google Reviews (Yelp, Bing, & Yahoo too) - you already have customers, so let's get them working to help you get MORE customers (with ready-to-use scripts, templates, and simple-to-follow steps)
  • Implementing Your 24/7 Boat Selling Machine - this is about efficiently collating data from prospects and customers, then building the basics of your automated follow-up system
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Part 2: Messaging and Language

Once we get you achieving more through your interactions with the "ups", prospects, and customers you already have by introducing basic efficiencies and systems, it's time to optimize your message.

You will do this through:

  • Educational Based Marketing - by positioning yourself as THE expert authority on all things boat-related, you move from being a "salesperson" as you shift the conversation from price to value
  • $100 vs. $1 Message - here you will develop your Unique Selling Point (USP) and master the art of "risk reversal" - key elements in closing more deals at higher margins
  • Website Updates - is your website a brochure, or a lead magnet? Here you discover the pages you need to add to your website now so more qualified prospects call you and walk in your door
  • Quick-Response E-Mail Templates - here are actual templates you can quickly customize and use, at various stages of the sales cycle (so you communicate more efficiently AND effectively)
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Part 3: Your 24/7 Boat Selling Machine

What good is a full sales funnel if you don’t have a systematic approach to converting those prospects into high-margin boat sales?

That's where your 24/7 Boat Selling Machine kicks in.

This helps your salespeople convert more prospects and build higher margins in conjunction with their selling skills, and includes the following:

  • The 24/7 Boat Selling Machine Overview - this brings everything you've already created together. Now that you're generating and nurturing leads, this moves everyone in your educational based marketing spectrum to the sale
  • Powerful Offers - watch over my shoulder as we create and optimize your offers for increased sales at higher margins
  • Record Your Video Sales Message - your prospects are looking at boats on YouTube. Here. I give you the sales video script you'll use that stops their search, puts their phone into their hand, and dials your number so your phone rings with eager, qualified prospects
  • The Unexpected Gift - this makes the customers's experience with you a DREAM COME TRUE! It allays all their fears and shows them you are going to be there for them for the "long haul" - which customers today EXPECT, not just hope for
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Part 4: Referrals and Relationships

Who are the two easiest prospects to convert into boat buyers?

One, is the customer you already have, coming back for a new boat, boat accessories, and everything you offer over the lifetime boat ownership cycle.

The other, is a referral from an enthusiastically satisfied customer (remember, birds of a feather...)

This module gives you:

  • Your Customer Referral Program - I call it the "Friendly Boater Referral Program", it's very simple, and once it's set up, you just "rinse and repeat" 4 times a year
  • Relationship Building Newsletters - this explains the proper way to use newsletters to keep your customers loyal. I'm giving you ONE FULL YEAR of ready-to-use newsletters, and this explains how it works.
  • Boat Preview Newsletters - here, I walk you through the correct way to use a newsletter to promote your inventory to prospects and customers
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Part 5: Advanced Tactics And Tools

By now, your 24/7 Selling Machine will be working for you day and night, even when you're with an "up", even on holidays and days when your boat dealership or brokerage is closed.

Your enthusiastically satisfied customers will be sending you top-quality referrals, and you'll be nurturing leads through Educational-Based Marketing that positions you as THE "go-to" in the boat industry for your market.

Boat enthusiasts, looking at boats on YouTube, will be watching your video - and finding themselves picking up the phone and calling you, ready to talk business.

So, let's round out the package with:

  • Your "Shock And Awe" Package - this is THE absolute presentation for face-to-face prospects, to hand out at boat shows, and to mail to someone you view as a very high-quality prospect
  • Sales Contests - this motivates the people on your team to take the ACTIONS that lead to success (most sales training programs ignore this, which is why you're here now)
  • 3-Step Postcard Systems - the easiest way to stand out in your prospect or customer's mailbox is by sending postcards. This is my proven, 3-step system for using postcards that gets highly qualified prospects streaming through your door
  • Other 24/7 Boat Selling Machine Tools - now that everything's up and running, here are some add-ons that make your perpetual sales engine run even faster
  • Staying On Track - this brings everything together, and serves as a checklist you can refer to often as you stay the course and continue to grow your business
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And wait... there's more!

Part of what makes The New SPLASH System™ Online Intensive System  so unique - and so effective - is how it's driven by the express needs and requests of boat dealers and brokers just like you.

That's why I have incorporated a number of additional modules, systems, and features that you can consume and use at any time.

These include:

My Complete Sales Training Program

Many clients who book me for boat dealer marketing and sales training are interested in the process of taking the conversation from that first "hello, welcome to my shop"...

...up to the point where the new customer signs on the line that is dotted.

To feed this need, I've created a focused, modular audio series that takes you through the steps, in order, as follows:

  • The Greeting, when your new prospect or your "up" first enters your boat dealership or brokerage
  • The Interview, a two-part module on the all-important first conversation where you gather intelligence and begin the process of helping the prospect sell themselves their dream boat, right off your dealership floor
  • "Oh, by the way"... - the all-important "budget" question that positions the prospect in range to make a purchase
  • The $1,000 Presentation - a key concept that is rarely covered in sales training (which is why so many sales trainings are so much fluff, if you ask me)
  • Presenting the price, which must be done strategically and precisely, lest you inadvertantly encourage your prospect to resist the sale
  • Trial Close Questions - in the mad rush to get the signature, these are often forgotten or tossed to the side, but not anymore
  • Asking for the Sale, again something that must be done strategically and precisely, or the entire deal could sink
  • Words to Avoid - you have the highly-qualified "up" in your showroom, don't chase them away after you've done the work to pull them in!
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The SPLASH System™ Coaching Call Series

The best way to master new skills and achieve greater success than you've known up until now, is to follow the trail blazed by those who have traveled where you want to go.

In addition to the LIVE 1:1 calls you get over the course of the 90 days, you are invited to be a "fly on the wall" for some of the Greatest Hits of my previous program's group calls.

We created solutions and solved problems, focusing on topics like:

  • Introduction To Boat Dealer Profits - actually, you should probably listen to this one as the very first thing you do when starting this program
  • Lead Generation, aka "The Before Unit" - what you do to get highly qualified prospects and "ups" in the door
  • Making The Sale, aka "The During Unit" - what you do to close the sale when the prospect is right in front of you
  • Maximize Lifetime Value - this is all about Repeat, Referral, and Service; and is a great complement to Part 4 of the Toolkit
  • Putting It All Together, which means exactly what it says 🙂
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More Good Info And Bonuses

What makes The New SPLASH System™ Online Intensive System unique and special is the extent to which its development has been driven by the expressed needs of boat dealers and brokers just like you.

Because this course is available for you to consume online, at your own pace, I also have the opportunity and flexibility to add even more.

As of now, you will also gain the following:

  • The True Cost Of Discounting - this one (seemingly) small slice of your revenue pie could be making the entire difference between a profitable dealership and a money-losing dealership
  • The Multiplier Effect - what decisions and actions are you taking? Be careful - they could have a 16,000x effect or more!
  • Income Killers - letting these factors exist in your business can trigger the Multiplier Effect - downward. Plug your profit leaks!
  • The Holy Grail of Success - this simple formula explains the difference between failure and success - will you use it to make big money in your boat business?
  • How to Sell More Boats at Higher Margins - watch the complete presentation, delivered for Marine Retail University where I was a featured speaker and trainer
  • Maximize Your Boat Show ROI - also delivered for Marine Retail University, this positions the Toolkit elements specifically for your next boat show
  • Even More Good Stuff (Mash-Up) - this is a "roundup" of some great moments from my speeches and presentations containing even more awesome information for you
  • EBOOK: Marine Marketing Strategies (Matt Sellhorst) - find out which ones actually work and which ones are guaranteed to drain your bank account, jeopardize your margins, and squash your dealership's quest for higher profits
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Plus, while you tweak, adjust, and implement in real time – you get Matt Sellhorst as your guardian angel!

The New SPLASH System™ Online Intensive System is not just a website you log into. Think of me as your Head Profits Coach.

Maybe you need to make some adjustments to the tools and systems to fit your business.

Maybe a new opportunity came up and you need guidance on how to best take advantage.

Maybe everything is working so well, that you want to add and expand what you have already gained in the course.

How we make sure you stay on the path to success:

Having me, Matt Sellhorst, as your guardian angel also means I'll be there for you to make sure you have the backup, feedback, and (if necessary) friendly but firm "kick in the butt" you need to make this happen, for real.

This takes the following forms:

1) You get 1:1 coaching calls with me throughout the 90-days.

For the first 5 weeks of the program, you will have access to me weekly through regularly scheduled 1:1 calls. These calls are great for you - as well as your sales staff, service writer, receptionist, and you. They are designed to keep the concepts and sales focus needed and master the concepts quickly.

Then, for the remainder of the 90-day period, you can schedule up to four (4) more 1:1 calls. These are "use it or lose it".

I encourage you to USE IT, even if you don't think you have anything major happening and just want to check-in, because I'll spot money leaks and profit opportunities you won't see, even as you just rattle off all the cool stuff you've done lately.

When you fully take advantage of these calls,  we can help you ensure the results are


If, after 90 days, you feel you're good to go, that's it.

But, if you're like my most successful clients and find this coaching and systems to be indispensable, you can extend our relationship and lock up your market area so no other dealers can gain access to your secret weapon strategies

2) You monitor your staff (using the system I create for you).

So, we’ve cloned, customized, and installed a proven selling system in your dealership. We’ve tweaked, tracked, and adjusted as needed. Now, comes an important key to maximum success.

Each month, you will be responsible for monitoring your staff’s usage and attitudes towards these new tools and systems - taking suggestions and ideas to improve your systems over time.

The great thing about this system is, the really hard work is knocked out in a short period by completing the 5 parts of the toolkit. Then, small tweaks and adjustments can easily be made over time by you and your staff as markets change, your product mix changes, or other opportunities arise.

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How much more money do you need to feel “successful”?

I’m not sure what your number is.

Maybe it’s only $50,000.

Or could it be $100,000?

For many of my clients, it's as high as $200,000 or more.

Now, here’s a question that might really piss you off:

How much longer do you plan to be in the boat business?

Take that number and multiple it times 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, or more.

If your number is $100,000 and you don’t make a change for 10 years, that’s $1,000,0000 (most of which is profit) has slipped through your fingers forever!

You’re lucky - I’m not even going to bring up how many deals you lost because your website and other marketing tools are missing a key lead-generation component!

(That could easily be worth an extra 5 to 10 deals a year!)

How much longer are you willing to lose all that money… that money that could be - SHOULD be - yours?

Well, you do have some options:

  • Wait until you retire and pass all that work on to the next owners? If you are just a few years form stepping down, selling your business, and/or passing it along to the next generation, that approach could work. I’d just hate to be the next one in command who’s even further behind the 8-ball… and God forbid if one of your competitors beats you to the punch and is accepted to participate in my Boot Camp while you wait it out ‘til retirement!
  • Just hope that things go back to the way they ‘used to be’? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the internet and smartphones are here to stay. Based on the trajectory of society, I don’t see trust going up and skepticism doing down anytime soon. And, all the other indicators that the universe of boat buyers is shrinking means you’d better get every sale and make them count because we won’t be seeing 1996 again anytime soon!
  • Not worry about it because you are doing well enough already? If you’ve read this far, there is something in what I’ve said that has hit a nerve and you know you could be, and should be, doing better! Deep in your gut, you know it’s true... you can either do something about it or hope it somehow fixes itself. (A mentor of mine always says; Hope is a bad business strategy.)

I don’t know your situation well enough (yet), so I can’t give you any advice (yet).

All I can say is, take a deep look at your sales and marketing systems and the number you calculated earlier.

If the money you’re leaving on the table is high enough - it may make sense to see if you are likely to achieve outstanding results now.

"Okay Matt, I’m excited about installing a proven selling system, getting my people on board, and having you stand beside me the entire way."

"But how much is all of this going to cost me?"


No one is more sensitive to wasting precious capital than I am. I understand you must be cautious and conservative about taking on any new expenses. (Heck, you didn’t survive the past 10 years by throwing money around at every new passing fad.)

That’s why I’ve made it easy to say "Yes".

Actually, all you have to say is "Maybe."

I’ll bend over backwards to be fair.

That's correct:

Just say "Maybe" Now and Don’t Risk a Dime Until You’ve Cross-Examined Me in Person for a Full Day.

Here’s how it works.

Complete the application below to find out if your market area is available and if you and your dealership are a good candidate for this exclusive boot camp.

I will personally get on the phone with you to answer all of your questions and give you all the details you need to know to make a smart decision for you and your dealership.

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Since you've come this far, you may have a few questions before you apply now...

Let’s answer some of the most common questions dealers have brought to me before deciding to take this very important step forward...

“Why do I have to fill out a long application just to find out more information about this program of yours?”

The New SPLASH System™ Online Intensive Program is not for everyone. The application process is to allow us to select the applicants who will achieve the best results and who have the biggest gains to be made based on their situation.

Because of my limited availability and desire to ensure the participants receive maximum success, I can only offer 12 access passes right now.

We are not looking for the largest dealer or fanciest dealer in any market area. We are looking for the ones who we’ll most enjoy working with and who are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

“We’ve been doing just fine here considering the economy, why do we need to change how we sell and market boats?”

You don’t. If you are 100% happy with your boat business, the hours you work, the margins you make, and your relationship with prospects and the sales process you have, there is no need to apply.

As a matter of fact, if you answer the application form honestly (which I expect everyone to do) you more than likely will not be accepted anyway.

“Why can’t I just implement my own sales and marketing system? I’ve been in the business for much longer than you.”

You absolutely can. I encourage you to do it. Hopefully you have checked out my website. That, plus your experience in the business, is enough for you to do it all yourself.

The New SPLASH System™ Online Intensive Program is for the dealers and owners who want to:

  • Save time by cloning my proven system and having it installed in a very short period of time – because even setting aside 3 days is difficult to do. If they had to do everything themselves, they can be honest enough with themselves to know it will never actually get done.
  • Save money. They understand that making mistakes costs money. Money in unnecessary investments and money in lost opportunities. Investing even $25,000 to make an extra $50,000 makes perfect sense.
  • Having a coach who’s been where you want to go guide you through the minefields. And show you an even better way. The key to this program is the collaboration through the 1:1 calls. Together, we will create a more profitable system than either one of us could create on their own for your dealership.

“How can I justify spending so much money (well, I assume the price is going to be HUGE)?”

A. You are correct, there is going to be a sizeable investment. But, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Or, my favorite; “If you think hiring an expert is expensive, you should try hiring an amateur.”

Go back to your math from earlier. Remember, the amount left on the table and the lost deals. If that number was even $50,000 and you plan on staying in business for just 5 more years, that’s $250,000 of almost pure profit lost. Gone forever that you just can’t get back… Let me ask you, what would you invest to get that money back?

Would you invest $100,000? Maybe. Would you invest $50,000? I would hope so. Would you invest $25,000? Surely you would. That’s a pretty good return on investment. If the concept makes sense to you, has been proven in today’s new world, it seems like a no brainer.

But, if you wouldn’t invest $25,000 to make an extra quarter of a million bucks, then maybe you should pass on this opportunity and try to do it yourself.

(Since you’ve made it this far, I’m going to give you a little insider’s information. Your investment in The New SPLASH System™ Online Intensive Program is well under the $25,000 price tag. And, there’s an Iron Clad Guarantee you’ll find out about on the phone call if you’re accepted.)

“I can’t take time away from my dealership, so how will I make this work?”

It’s all online so, really, you can do the program when it’s convenient for you. During the 90-days, you get 1:1 calls with me – you can take those calls from literally anywhere.  So you don’t have to take any time away.

But let’s address the issue anyway: if taking a little time away from your boat business is going to cause it to crash and burn, you have major problems. A sales and marketing system is only one of the things you need to create a more enjoyable and profitable business.

Another benefit of the program being online is, you can complete a module, IMMEDIATELY implement it and get results, then complete another module and repeat the process.  Your return on investment really can kick in as you complete the program, not have to wait until months later.

“I don’t want to get swindled. I’ve bought a bunch of junk products, seminars and technology and I don’t like feeling ‘taken’ on this.”

I mentioned it earlier, but there is a guarantee. I will explain it in more detail on the phone if you are accepted, however, here’s the basic idea:

I’m so convinced that my SPLASH System™ will work amazingly well and help you sell more boats, I’m making the biggest, boldest guarantee in the industry!

Any qualified dealer who completes our proprietary 90-day training program, participates in the available live 1:1 coaching calls, and implements the strategies taught, if they do not add an additional $50K in gross profits over the next 12 months, I will refund 100% of their program fee.

How can I make such a guarantee?

Easy, I know I’m not a fake, phony or fraud. I’ve reviewed your application and know that my systems and tools will work for your dealership, in your market area and for the products and service you offer.

If I feel that you won’t benefit, you won’t be accepted. Why would I waste hours and days of my time on someone who’s just going to ask for a refund anyway?

“Will my sales staff be able to use your tools?”

Yes, these tools were designed to be universal. It doesn’t require a ‘Natural Born Salesperson’ or anything like that. As a matter of fact, you’ll find when we meet in person that I’m not a natural-born salesperson. But, the same systems and tools I’m offering you now, propelled me to become a top producing sales person in a 6-location dealership.

The only thing your sales people need is a desire to be more successful.

I won’t adjust their sales style to fit my tools. I’ll adjust the tools to fit your dealership’s sales style.

Make sense?

“Will this selling and marketing system work in my market area?”

Probably. Again, that’s why I have the application process to ensure it will work in your area, based on your answers combined with my research and proven experience.

However, the strategies I use and teach have been used in countless industries and markets for decades – high end luxury items, real estate, restaurants, automobiles, RVs, jewelry, and almost anything you can think of.

I’ve just built them, tested them, and proven them in the boat business.

“Will your strategies and tools work for my dealership?”

Probably. Again, that’s why I have the application process to ensure it is a good fit for your dealership.

With the guarantee and application process, I can assure you if you are selected and participate, it will work for your dealership.

“Can I talk with a dealer who is using your methods?”

No. Here are “Matt’s Rules”:

Confidentiality – Because my Members are very busy running successful businesses and implementing systems for a more profitable and enjoyable business, I do not release Member names. If and when you become a Member, you will appreciate this rule.

Hey, I’m a straight shooter so I’ll come right out and tell you… some dealers who have invested in my books, trainings, and other programs have not seen the success they were expecting. The main reason was, they didn’t properly utilize the time to implement what they learned.

If you look at how they sell and market today, versus what they did prior to our relationship, you will see almost no change. (Without implementation, even the best strategies and tactics will have zero impact!)

That’s why I’ve created The New SPLASH System™ Online Intensive Program – to ensure these systems and tools get implemented. (Implemented quickly and with my personal attention!)

That’s another reason for the application process – to ensure there are no major hurdles to implementation that will hinder maximum success.

“So, What Do I Do Now? What’s the Next Step?”

If you want to take the next step, to TAKE ACTION, fill out the Confidential Application Form below. Then, once you complete the application, complete the steps on the following page to book our initial conversation together.

Because this program is limited to only 12 participants at any given time (due to the amount of time I invest providing 1:1 accessibility during the 90-days) and GUARANTEED, I will be very selective about who is admitted to these boot camps. I want to ensure we are working with dealers who are most committed to success.

(That means, not necessarily the largest or the fanciest dealers in the area, but the ones we are going to work best with - and who will achieve the most amazing results based on their commitment to success.)

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Unless everything about your boat dealership’s sales and marketing system are already perfect, and you feel there is no room for improvement, how could you pass up this opportunity to say "MAYBE"?

It’s important for you to fill out the application right away, since you want to get this moving before the busy season is here again.

Once the main selling season starts, you will be losing money each hour, each day, each week you delay... (lost deals, lost margin and lost money in you and your employees’ pockets).

Don’t delay... It will likely be the most profitable 90 days of your entire year as a dealership owner!

And, if another dealer from your area applies and is accepted, you WILL BE locked out from participating. You won’t just be behind, you will be aced out completely!

And, your competitor will be armed with a powerful system to steal what should RIGHTFULLY be YOUR profitable sales.

Fill out the application below. Don’t skip anything (incomplete applications will be automatically declined). Once you have completely and accurately filled in the application, click the Submit button.

Then, once you complete the application, complete the steps on the following page to book our initial conversation together. At that time, all the details will be revealed.

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Remember: you are only saying “maybe”.

Your final decision comes only after you’ve exhausted all of your questions and relieved all of your doubts.

I’m confident if you’ve read this far, watched my videos, Googled me, or read my Boating Industry and Soundings Trade Only articles, you know a more enjoyable and profitable dealership awaits - If you just act.


Matt Sellhorst
Author, Boat Dealer Profits

P.S. Are you leaving $1 MILLION DOLLARS (or more) on the table in your dealership? If so, you owe it to yourself to find out what this is all about.

P.P.S. Just say ‘maybe’ and find out all the details on The New SPLASH System™ Online Intensive Program. Ask all the questions you want to ensure this makes sense for you and your dealership. Just complete the “Confidential Application Form”. Then, you will get more details during our initial phone call.

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