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Soundings Trade Only Article by Wanda Kenton Smith (Quotes by Matt Sellhorst)

As published on Soundings Trade Only October 1, 2019 By Wanda Kenton Smith   Soundings Trade Only article Wanda Kenton Smith AI...

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The most powerful tool available in today’s marketing world (that you’re likely not using)

As published on Boating Industry June 10, 2019 By Matt Sellhorst There is a powerful tool available to boat dealers and OEMs today that could be a game changer for the serious adopters. It could also leave the slow to grasp left high and dry. That tool is artificial intelligence (AI) and it’s buil...

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The #1 Digital Marketing Mistake that’s Costing Dealers & Manufacturers a Fortune

As published on Boating Industry BY MATT SELLHORST Wow, this had better be a grand ole article with a title like that right? As I write this, I’m putting the finishing touches on my MDCE game plan and marketing plan.  As I read the course outlines in the sales and marketing tracts, I see some...

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What Other Marine Industry Professionals Have to Say

"At MRAA, we work hard to find experts with insight, tools and strategies that can really make a difference for marine businesses. The appeal of working with Matt is that his advice is based on what was successful for him as a salesperson for a leading marine dealership. It’s practical. It’s proven. And it’s designed to be effective in any size business."

Liz Walz, VP of MRAA and MDCE Host

Matt has spoken for us at our annual Marine Dealer Conference & Expo and written multiple articles for the website. He always provides great information to help dealers improve their marketing.

Jonathan Sweet, Managing Editor of Boating Industry Magazine and MDCE Host

I can highly recommend Matt and his abilities - I have seen Matt's presentations a number of times, and have verified his results with a number of clients. His experience, techniques and philosophies have valuable applications to the marine dealers he is working with.. He is a valuable asset to anyone who engages his services

Mark Yearn, Marine Insurance Specialist at Norman Spencer

If you are in need of improving your online presence or overall marketing strategy, I'd certainly give Matt at call. Not only does he understand sales and marketing, he has demonstrated a tremendous success in the industry.

Rick Neal, VP of Sales and Marketing at Hall Marine (Top 100 Dealer)

The Fast Track program really gave Marine Concepts a leg up over our competition. Through ideas such as the marketing wagon wheel, the lifetime value of the client, and understanding the ways in which to market our message, we’ve seen an increase in our listings. Matt’s program has helped us climb to new heights and implement fresh ways to reach old, and new, customers. All in all, our marketing efforts have never been so focused, and successful. Thank you Matt!

Shana White, Co-Owner of Marine Concepts (YBAA & CPYB Broker)