Here are just a few of the comments and success stories from the work Matt has done in the marine industry.  Hear from dealership owners, General Managers, VP's, Editors of Magazines in their own  words.

Matt and Lynette - Owners of Race City Marine

Will Massey - Owner Custom Marine

Shana White - Co-Owner at Marine Concepts

“The Fast Track program really gave Marine Concepts a leg up over our competition. Through ideas such as the marketing wagon wheel, the lifetime value of the client, and understanding the ways in which to market our message, we’ve seen an increase in our listings." "Matt’s program has helped us climb to new heights and implement fresh ways to reach old, and new, customers. All in all, our marketing efforts have never been so focused, and successful. Thank you Matt!”  

Dealer's Staff Talks About Matt

Dan Allen - Owner at Valley Marine

Rick Neal - VP of Sales at Hall Marine Group

"If you are in need of improving your online presence and overall marketing success, I'd certainly give Matt a call.  Not only does he understand sales and marketing, he has demonstrated tremendous success in the industry."  

Will Massey - Owner at Custom Marine

Jeff Hall - Owner at Hall Marine Group (Top 100 Dealer)

"If you'd like to sell more boats, sell those boats at higher prices, get more brokerage listings and haven't been able to do it in this new economy, you may want to talk with Matt. He's a sharp guy. He has integrity. And, he just may be the right guy to to help you. Give him a call and find out for yourself if his strategies and systems are right for you and your boat business."  

Jamie Ray - Wateree Marina

Larry Bunch - Former GM at Lake Wylie Marine & Currently at Duncan's Boats

"If your dealership or boat business is not doing as well as you think it should be and you'd like to have prospect pre-positioned ready to work with you and be less price sensitive, you may want to try his methods.  The relationships he was able to build with clients via his videos, newsletters, unique selling points, follow-up systems and relationship building tools were amazing."  

Rick Neal - VP of Sales at Hall Marine Group

Liz Walz - VP of Education at Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) & Marine Dealer Conference & Expo Host

"At MRAA, we work hard to find experts with insight, tools and strategies that can really make a difference for marine businesses. The appeal of working with Matt Sellhorst is that his advice is based on what was successful for him as a salesperson for a leading marine dealership. It’s practical. It’s proven. And it’s designed to be effective in any size business."  

Jonathan Sweet - Managing Editor of Boating Industry Magazine (and Marine Dealer Conference & Expo Host)

" Matt has spoken for us at our annual Marine Dealer Conference & Expo and written multiple articles for the website. He always provides great information to help dealers improve their marketing"  

Mark Yearn - Norman Spencer Insurance

"I can highly recommend Matt and his abilities - I have seen Matt's presentations a number of times, and have verified his results with a number of clients. His experience, techniques and philosophies have valuable applications to the marine dealers he is working with.. He is a valuable asset to anyone who engages his services."


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