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Introducing the SPLASH System™ Done-For-You Marketing Team for Boat Dealers!

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We are growing at Boat Dealer Profits, and right now have 3 additional spots available for our SPLASH System™ Done-for-You-Marketing Services.

Through this program, we become your "Marketing Department", implementing a customized SPLASH marketing system in your boat dealership so you can dominate your local market, sell more boats, make more money and have more fun!

This could be for you, if you...

  • Lack the time to get the best results from your marketing budget;
  • Currently aren't doing the things you know you need to increase your sales and revenues, like: Facebook, monthly newsletters, video marketing, consistent follow-up, taking advantage of co-op dollars, and more;
  • Have a vendor you're paying every month but the results just aren’t there - maybe they don't understand the boating industry - or, they don’t have a guaranteed system that’s been proven to work in boat dealerships across North America; or
  • Don't have the time or the desire to learn all the technology, social media and strategies that actually DO work in today’s local boat sales world.

So, if you’d like to have a consistent flow of leads coming into your dealership - leads that end up with date and time appointments with your sales staff that result in more higher margin boat sales without consuming all your time - this opportunity is for you.

Our guaranteed SPLASH System™ was developed for the boating industry and has been proven to work, taking me from a "no-boat-selling-son-of-a-gun" to a top producer - and is currently being used by dealers all over North America.

As a matter of fact, a high-margin boat sale is likely in the works right now because of the results other boat dealers are getting right now with our SPLASH Done-for-You Marketing Services.

To find out how we can save you time and boost the return on your marketing investment, here’s what to do next:

Here’s how it works.

Complete the application below to find out if your market area is available and if you and your dealership are a good candidate for this exclusive Done-for-You Marketing Service.

This will lead to us getting on the phone to see if, or how, we can help you maximize your return on your current marketing budget without you wasting your valuable time by managing your customized sales and marketing system - designed specifically for your boat dealership.

This program is area-exclusive, so once you’ve engaged us as YOUR MARKETING DEPARTMENT, no other dealer in your local market area will be allowed in!

So, just fill out the quick form – before your competition does - and I’ll be talking with you very soon!


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