by Matt Sellhorst

Is one of your big concerns: “My sales team won’t implement this?”

If that’s your next reaction, let’s have a frank talk here. Your sales team is not the owner of the dealership. Maybe they’re family (or like family), but they are not the owner of the dealership.

If you are committed to building a better dealership, to building a better life for yourself and your family, and your staff, I challenge you to challenge your sales staff. Challenge your staff to improve and to be dedicated to doing it a better way… because there is a better way! Push back from staff is another reason why we’ll have a conversation before you join this or any of my other programs. I want to ensure that you and your dealership are positioned to get maximum results and to guarantee, yes, guarantee that I can deliver the results that I promise.

If you determine that your sales staff is unwilling to change, well, you really have a couple of choices:

  • Maybe it’s time to look for additional… or different sales staff.
  • Maybe it’s time for you to ask them, no, demand of them to step up to grow the boat business.
  • Maybe you’re completely satisfied with everything that’s going on in your boat business and the SPLASH System simply isn’t a good fit.

However, I really find it hard to believe that you’re here right now and completely satisfied with the current state of your business or are still unwilling to take on the challenge head first to make the changes needed to sell more boats, make more money, and have more fun.

I really have the sense – deep in my gut – that you feel your boat dealership is destined for greater things. Not that it’s struggling by any means, but that you and your boat dealership are truly destined for greater things. The SPLASH System will help you sell more boats, make more money, and have more fun. So, how do you get there?