Last time we talked, I told you about the 24/7 Selling Machine I created to take me from a “No Boat Selling Son of a Gun” to a Top Producer at a six-location dealership.  Today, I want to reveal the components of this system and how you can take advantage of my discovery.

During the busy selling season, you need to make hay while the sun is shining, right?

You can’t afford to let anyone fall through the cracks and any time you can save during the sales process is incredibly valuable. So, this system or 24/7 Selling Machine can solve these issues. Plus, it’s designed to position your sales person to sell more boats at higher margins with less resistance.

Remember back to the Educational Spectrum of a Boat Buyer from a few months ago? We talked about the process a boat buyer goes through and how it can take days, months and even years.

Well, it’s nearly impossible to ask your salespeople to deliver perfect follow up on all their leads during this time and “hope” they show up when the timing is right for that particular prospect. They just don’t have the time and can’t look into their crystal ball to predict when that will be.

So, this system is designed to be in front of your prospects when they are ready without being so intrusive they get upset and you lose a sales opportunity.

Here are the major components of a 24/7 Selling Machine:

  1. Shock & Awe package
  2. Boat Buyer’s Guide
  3. Auto-responder system
  4. Direct mail
  5. Enewsletters
  6. Boat preview emails
  7. Social proof

Have you ever heard of a Shock & Awe package? Probably not, it’s a concept I invented to ensure all of my prospects received a baseline sales message that positioned me as the boating expert in the local area.

This package was a basic pocket folder that was jam packed with educational and position information. It started with a “Welcome Letter” that introduced me and my dealership and explained why we were different than our competition.

Next, I included an educational resource I called “The Official Boat Buyer’s Guide.” This report sold online for $47 so it was a truly valuable piece of information explaining how to buy the right boat at the right price – focusing on the areas in which me and my dealership were strongest.

Then, there were copies of articles I’d written for the local newspaper. These articles positioned me as an expert in my local market area.

And, finally, this Shock & Awe package was filled full of testimonials from my happy past clients. Story after story from other local boaters singing my praises, talking about how great the dealership is, how much they love boating and their brand of boat. (I’ll talk more about this ‘Social Proof’ next time.) These testimonials were in written form, audio form and on a DVD.

The power of the Shock & Awe package

This package was given to every high value prospect that came into the dealership and emailed to those who did not. Even if I did a poor job in the sales presentation or more than likely, my prospect was distracted while face to face with me, I ensured they received a top-notch sales pitch.

Let me ask you: Once your prospects leave your dealership, what do they walk out the door with that has a chance to sell them or bring them back? Maybe a manufacturer’s brochure and business card?

Do you think this Shock & Awe Package made my be-back appointments easier? Do you think it brought more prospects back in with a set appointment? You bet it did!

Alright, what’s next? Yeah, The Boat Buyer’s Guide.

It was included above but let me tell you a little more about why it’s a key component.

Buying a boat can be overwhelming. There is a lot of information our prospects just don’t know which can cause them to avoid making a buying decision for fear of making a major mistake.

The Boat Buyer’s Guide is designed to answer the most important questions your prospects ask (or should ask) during the sales process. It is your opportunity to answer all of their questions with the absolute perfect answer. And, the answer that leads them back to buying a boat from you – – if you provide an appropriate product for them.

This approach changes your positioning from someone who wants to take their money to someone who is providing valuable and expert information. This change in positioning will make a considerable difference in the resistance you encounter during the entire transaction.

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Matt Sellhorst is the author of “Marine Marketing Strategies” and Head Profits Coach at Boat Dealer Profits. He helps honest and ethical dealers and brokers implement powerful sales and marketing strategies that create more higher-margin boat sales and ultimately more profits for their dealerships, employees and families so they can enjoy the boat business and have a life.

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