Is it challenging to book appointments every day of the week?


There are several key attributes that your buyers share that will help you get to know them better. Throughout this blog series, we will explore these key attributes so that you can get to know your customers and serve them better. Attribute #2: Buyers in the showroom who book appointments are positioned to be less price sensitive. Can you imagine having a steady flow of qualified prospects every day of the week, not just Saturday (and Sunday, if you’re open), walking into your dealership with set appointments with your top salespeople? These prospects are less price sensitive ready to meet with your salespeople who truly have a system in place to convert those leads into sales.

The SPLASH is a system, in which everything is choreographed, from the time the customer first finds you until they leave the boating lifestyle, hopefully, years, even decades later. It’s a system designed to maximize value and choreographed to have those appointments positioned to want to buy from you and to understand that buying from you is the right decision.

There were a number of businesses that you (and likely your family) could have gotten into, but you got into the boat business. Maybe it was your father, grandfather, or another family member (maybe even an in-law), but at some point, you chose the boat business for the same reason I’m in the business: the love for boating and all the fun boating has provided. You got into the boat business because there was a passion for boating and likely that passion has been passed down from generation to generation to generation.

The SPLASH System will help you sell more boats, make more money, and have more fun. So, how do you get there and book more appointments every day of the week? Learn more about how to get started with The SPLASH System.

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