Topics such as How to Sell More Boats at Higher Margins, How to Use Cheap and Easy Online Video to Drive Quality Traffic & How to Install a Proven Sales & Marketing System Into Your Boat Business are designed to be fun and actionable for dealers.

Author, speaker and head profits coach of Boat Dealer Profits, Matt Sellhorst is finding his calendar filling up quickly this fall.  As a sought after speaker, recently doing a session at the Marine Retail University in Austin, TX and presenting at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL next month, his message of proven sales and marketing strategies are garnering some attention.

Sellhorst is an unlikely candidate entering the boat business only in late 2009.  However, his transformation from newbie in the industry to Top Producer dispite not being a natural born saleman is the big reason for his success.

Sellhorst shared; “Not being a natural born sales person, I had to create systems and tools to propel me to a top producer in our 6 location dealerhsip with 19 other sales people with 5, 10 and 20 years more experience and large client lists.”

It’s those systems and tools that dealers, brokers and more recently manufacturers are so interested in.  In a recent presentation in Texas, Matt shared the tools and systems he developed to sell more boats at higher margins to a very engaged crowd.

He is also an industry expert in using inexpensive video marketing to drive hoards of quality leads and converting those leads for high margin boat sales. In another online video, Sellhorst reveals he’s used these strategies to sell $20,000 used boats, $75,000 deck boats and even sport yachts.  (this free video series is available at… for a limited time)

It looks like the fall and winter will be a very busy one for Sellhorst.  He mentioned he may even have to turn down a few opportunities because many travel dates are already taken.