In this episode of the Boat Dealer Podcast, learn about how to gain more leads and more profit with boat financing. You will discover:

  • How to add an additional 20-30 more leads from your website
  • A simple way to increase F&I revenue by $3,200 per unit on 50% of your deliveries
  • Insight into the boat sales experience from a financing point of view
  • Why you should not have a “Finance Manager”
  • If F&I revenue is something you are not maximizing, you need to attend Myril’s sessions at MDCE
  • A cool tool that your prospects can use to search inventory by payment
  • Much more to help you sell more boats, make more money and have more fun

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

Myril Shaw is the Chief Operating Officer at First Approval Source

Myril Shaw is COO of First Approval Source and a frequent presenter at 20 Groups and other dealer organizations. He has been featured at the Marine Dealer Conference and Expo and is on the expert panel of presenters again later this year with a session called: 100% Turnover to F&I: From Idea to Reality.


What a great episode, I appreciate Myril for joining us today to talk about how we can gain more leads and more profit with boat financing. When you’ve decided you’re just not satisfied with the profit in your dealership. You know that you should be selling more boats, making more money or having more fun in your boat business, here are a few ways we can help.

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