On this episode of Boat Dealer Profits, Matt talks about marketing ideas with Bob McCann, who is a trailblazing marketer, innovative business development specialist and professional educator. He joined the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas’ (MRAA) after more than 22 years at Channel Blade Technologies and ARI Network Services, where he oversaw a diverse portfolio of web-based training platforms, piloted retail consulting operations and was a key cog in the development of platforms such as TIPS and FootSteps. More than 2,200 marine and RV dealers relied on Bob and his team for Internet sales solutions and modern educational portals.

Bob is now the lead consultant for the MRAAs – Marine Industry – Certified Dealership Program. For the past 2 years, he has focused on the long-term strategy and development plans for the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program —which provides dealers with standards, business processes and best practices to streamline retail operations, increase sales and improve customer and employee satisfaction. More than 300 of the nation’s premier marine dealers currently participate in the program.

Counting some of the biggest names in the boating and Powersports industries among his clients, Bob’s extensive professional network, cemented a reputation as a trusted resource and proven track record have all combined to add new dimensions and marketing ideas to the boating industry’s only Dealership Certification curriculum.

A resident of coastal Florida, boating is a way of life for Bob. He owns a center console boat, eats dockside at his favorite restaurants and enjoys entertaining company on the water. Additionally, he served five years in the U.S. Coast Guard, is also an Eagle Scout and a pretty serious cyclist.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What Chick-fil-A can teach you about marketing ideas
  • How a chocolate milk shake experience relates to boat sales
  • How the Dealer Certification Program can help you sell more boats
  • An amazing Memorial Day event Bob was involved in

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