In this episode you will discover marketing concepts you can use at your dealership:

  • SureShade’s Jason Roberts
  • Ideas to improve your results at a boat show
  • Two inexpensive marketing concepts that improve your clients’ experience at your dealership
  • How a relationship with SureShade can help you make more money and sell more boats
  • Why Jason and I are jealous of the owners at Fish Tails in FL
  • The story of adding $10K to a boat sale
  • How Mike Schmidt (Hall of Famer of the Philadelphia Phillies) is working with SureShade and how you can tap into his celebrity for free
  • Why Matt is so excited for a package coming in the mail today
  • The value of demos and getting clients involved at boat shows and in the dealership

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Jason Roberts, Regional Sales Manager at SureShade:

As Manager, Sales and Dealer Development for SureShade, Jason is responsible for cultivating and supporting dealer relationships across the state of Florida in order to grow our aftermarket presence. Located in the Tampa area, Jason also provides on the ground customer service and technical support which strengthens SureShade’s presence in Florida.

Jason has over 15 years of experience in many business segments including domestic and international sales, business development, management, and project management.

When he’s not working in the shade, Jason enjoys spending time with his fiancé Maya and his son Jordan while frequenting the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.