You absolutely can.  I encourage you to do it.  Hopefully you watched the free DVD I sent and read all the material I provided.  That plus your experience in the business is enough for you to do it all yourself.

This Boot Camp is for the dealers and owners who want to:

  • Save time by cloning my proven system and having it installed in a very short period of time because even setting aside 3 days is difficult to do. If they had to do everything themselves, they can be honest enough with themselves to know it will never actually get done.
  • Save money. They understand that making mistakes costs money.  Money in unnecessary investments and money in lost opportunities.  Investing even $25,000 to make an extra $50,000 makes perfect sense.

Having a coach who’s been where you want to go can guide you thru the mine fields.  And, show you an even better way.  The key to this Boot Camp system is the collaborating.  Together, we will create a more profitable system than either one of us could create on their own for your dealership.