I mentioned it in a previous answer but there is a guarantee.  I will explain it in more detail on the phone if you are accepted, however, here’s the basic idea:

If you attend the Boot Camp and after the 1st day determine me to be a fake, a phony or fraud, just say the word and I’ll give you a fast and courteous refund.

(Plus, I only require ½ of the Boot Camp fee for service up-front with the 2nd half payable after the 1st day of work.)

How can I make such a guarantee?  Easy, I know I’m not a fake, phony or fraud.  I’ve reviewed your application and know that my systems and tools will work for your dealership, in your market area and for the products and service you offer.

If I feel that you won’t benefit, you won’t be accepted.  Why would I waste hours and days of my time on someone who’s just going to ask for a refund anyway.