Do Boat Owners Use All of Your Services and Product Lines?


In the last few blogs, we’ve been covering several key attributes that your buyers share that will help you get to know them better. When you know who you’re selling to, you can close more sales. Sounds good, right?

Last week we explored Attribute #4: Customers Who See You as an Expert They Trust. If you missed that one, read it here.

This week, we’re looking at Attribute #5: Boat owners who use all your services and product lines: your service department, your parts department, your storage, your restaurant, your fuel dock, your ship store, your pro shop.

Because of the choreographed process through which you take your prospects, one that is configured to develop this type of result, you’re no longer subject to the price pressure of the online vendors or the price pressure of other dealerships. This system has even worked during a boat show with a “fresh up” whom the dealer has never previously spoken with prior to that prospect walking into the boat show and saying, “I want that one. How much?” He makes the decision because of the “sales tool” he saw on the dealer’s website that caused him to want to do business with that dealer on their terms, even in the competitive environment of a boat show. Dealers using the system don’t experience the same price pressure they did prior to the SPLASH System because their prospects will move through the sales funnel for all products and services in a way that makes those sales easier and with higher margins. Not only is it a higher margin, the sale is one that is positioned to use all of your programs (that make sense for your prospect), all of your products, all of your services, and boost that lifetime value of a customer. All of which are so important to skyrocketing the profitability of your boat business. 

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