CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Matt Sellhordt, author and “Head Profits Coach” is offering a free webinar for boat dealers and brokers, “Video Marketing to Sell More Boats Year Round.”

According to the training, all you need is a camera phone (iPhone, Droid) and the desire to sell more boats 24/7, 365 while building your brand online for free.

More and more prospects are going online during the buying process so the internet is becoming the place to master in today’s marketing world. Recent studies have also stated 74% of online consumption by 2017 will be video based.

“If your dealership is not doing video marketing right now, you will soon be left behind,” says Sellhorst.

In the early days, it just took a telephone and time to follow up. Then came the internet and email and now video marketing is the one media you must utilize to gain an advantage. And, this is not a passing fad but a game changer you must figure out now before it’s too late.

That’s why the folks at Boat Dealer Profits have pulled back the curtains for this webinar to show how a top producing salesman gets over 20,000 video views each month that lead to hundreds of leads and more importantly, high margin boat sales.

You can gain access. The training promises that within 17 minutes anyone can start driving quality leads using these simple video marketing strategies and gain a huge advantage over their competition.

Participate and get started with your own video marketing system before your competition does. A special website has been established for free access for a limited time at: www.HowToSellMoreBoats.Com